Learn Exactly How I Help My Clients Ditch The Launch Rollercoaster & Sign 1-3 New Clients Every WEEK Into Their High Ticket Group Coaching Programs

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What Will You Learn In This Free Training?

  • Discover the same sales process the Top 2% of coaches use to fill their inbox with highly qualified applications (even while they’re sleeping, traveling, or on vacation)

  • How to bring in recurring revenue that you can predict so you can comfortably manage your business and money

  • How to ethically sell your coaching programs even if potential clients keep saying "I don't have the money"

  • How to stop being reliant on exhausting 1:1 clients so you can scale your business while working fewer hours

  • How this one small pivot will allow you to double, triple, or even quadruple your revenue potential and help MORE people - without hiring a massive team within the next 30-60 days

  • Uncover the secret all 7-figure coaches have in common when it comes to their launch strategy (you’ll be shocked you didn’t realize this sooner)

  • How to get started right away so you can make next month your biggest month ever in your business now

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"I thought my problem was sales. It wasn’t. My messaging was all wrong and stopped me from getting sales! I can now sell high ticket and have security and stability in my income. Nothing can stop me now!"

Lucia, UK

"I just closed another ‘accidental’ $10k sales from my masterclass today. I’m finally bringing my business back to the groove. Plus - my clients have been making serious bank this month. YASS!”

Kassy, Phillipines

"As somebody who has been a “Rollercoaster Coach”, running launches - this has been a totally different experience! It’s amazing to think that not everything hinges on the success of my launches. I feel calm...confident...and I opened the doors to my program without feeling a heavy weight."

Shana, Canada

"Just landed two clients at my new high ticket price in one day! I’ve always struggled with my messaging - plus my content never felt right. But I applied everything you shared and Oh My Goodness - I am so happy!”

Aundra, USA


Who is Rose Radford?

Global Business Strategist & Coach to leading women coaches & online entrepreneurs, Tedx speaker & ex-McKinsey consultant

As a Business Strategist & Coach, I'm committed to helping ambitious women like you unlock your income and impact potential.


I like to walk my talk, which is why over the last 18 months, I've:

  • Helped clients creates $8K weeks, $17K and $50K months and more

  • Far surpassed my old corporate salary with consistent 5-figure months, including $100K months with ease and flow

  • Helped over 200 women (and counting) create online businesses 

  • Landed a TedX talk

  • Hired and managed a lean rockstar team

  • Been featured in US News, Forbes, BossBabe, Yahoo & more!

  • Invested over $100,000 in my personal and professional development

  • Travelled all over the world with my business

  • Been mentored by the best in the online industry so you can benefit too

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you the best available coaching and mentorship.

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