The crib notes...

  • I started coaching and consulting business owners aged 19 ...loved it and continued working with clients across Europe, Africa and North America
  • I burnt out while working as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. ...then left without a plan ...I lent into my edge to chart a new path of freedom, meaningful impact and adventure was terrifying, but totally worth it
  • I’m obsessed with empowering women to unlock their full earning potential and create more personal freedom and wealth through business strategy and Inner Wealth Work®


I believe...

That you are more powerful than you think.

That you can have everything you truly desire.

That you aren’t here to hang out in the land of mediocre.

That you deserve to have a life of personal freedom and success.

That mindset + strategy is the key to unlocking everything you want.

That investing in yourself is the best investment out there.

That your life of freedom and financial success

is waiting for you

to claim it.

A little about me.



I’ve been helping businesses thrive since the age of 19. you could say that I’ve been preparing for the job I have now for a while!


But the real story started when I was 7.


I watched my parents struggle as their construction business coughed and spluttered. Money was tight and I wanted to help, but 7-year old me had no idea how.


Talking about business and money at the dinner table was the norm, and watching my parents try to make their business work has been the catalyst for everything I’ve done since.


The most meaningful points in my life have all involved women, money and entrepreneurship...


At 19, I spent my free time at university helping a charity shop owner cut her costs and drum up customers - I was coaching her without really knowing what a coach was.


At 23, I spent 3 months coaching six entrepreneurs in rural Kenya. I cherished every moment I spent teaching how to bookkeep, test new ideas and price products. We were so proud of the cafes, clothing shops, hairdressers and thriving businesses they built.


At 24, I worked on increasing the financial inclusion of women across the globe while working as a strategy consultant at McKinsey.  


We were literally working out how to make sure more women had bank accounts in places like Tajikistan and Sub-saharan Africa. It was my absolute favourite project.


But after two years at McKinsey, I burnt out and was on sick leave for almost two months.


I was numbed out emotionally and I’d completed lost myself.


Deep down I knew there was a more meaningful way of making money - one that didn’t leave my strengths on the table and didn’t cap my income.


….But I had absolutely no idea what that looked like.


So as I share in my Tedx talk, I left my job without a plan and started a business.


I intuitively knew I had to lose sight of the metaphorical shore to see things differently. I set out to find a new island and a new way of seeing things.


I wanted freedom, to make a bigger impact and to have zero limits on what was possible for me.


If you’re reading this, then I suspect you feel something similar.

A little more about me.



I fully replaced my corporate salary in my first year of business.


But that first year opened my eyes to how most of us are simply not wired to succeed as money-makers.


In fact, we all carry a tonne of invisible mental baggage around money and success.


It means we all hit our own money ceiling at some point.


So either we work ourselves silly to bust through it, stay stuck in mediocrity or end up leaving the business we built.


I see it happen all the time.


I knew I was leaving my financial potential on the table. And if you’re a high achiever like me, you know how painful that feels!


So I learnt everything I could about maximising my income as a female entrepreneur.


I doubled and then tripled my rates, shifted my internal paradigms and started owning the value I have, and create for others.

A little more about me.



Today I help ambitious female entrepreneurs unlock their full earning potential and reach their next level of business growth, so they can create more wealth, personal freedom and limitless success.


Why? Because there is an ocean of potential within entrepreneurial women who hold themselves back and play too small.


In fact, we know that the vast majority of women business owners are leaving money on the table.


Only 12% are earning over $100,000 in annual revenue. I’m here to change that.


Because money is power, and more money in the hands of happy, thriving women like you, the better for us all.


But it’s not just about the money, it’s about your happiness, your personal freedom, your impact on the world, your sense of ease, feeling of possibility and your inner success.


The era of the female entrepreneur is here, and as an empowered woman, your time is now to make a difference for yourself and those around you.  


We have the opportunity to be part of a powerful light force – to drive forwards with a new paradigm for living, and a new normal for making money, managing power and doing business.


Having the freedom to be who you are, do what you love, and be limitless in what you create for yourself and others is one of the great opportunities afforded to you through entrepreneurship.


Let’s not waste this opportunity to work together.

Back to about you.



I offer an unparalleled combination of expertise, transformation and empowerment - delivered with a big dose of energy and love.


As a former McKinsey strategy consultant, I’ve been trained by the best in the world to solve the world’s most difficult business problems. Corporates, the Government and NGOs call in McKinsey consultants like me when they can’t solve a big, hairy issue themselves.


This means I’ve helped design 5-year strategy plans, merge companies, create firm-wide transformations, save billions of pounds for the taxpayer and reorganise global sales-forces... amongst other fancy-sounding things...


I don’t say this to boast. I share this because I want you to know that when you work with me, you have a trusted thought partner to help you work through any problem, create a bespoke strategy with you and a plan to get you there.


And as most McKinsey consultants are, I’m also deeply committed to excellence.


I’ve seen the inside of great companies, and I can help you create the same success in your own way. Instead of the big shot CEOs benefitting, you get to benefit instead.

You will love working with me if…


> You laugh easily and see the fun in life, but also love to get down with implementing like a badass

> You want a thought partner - someone who gets into the detail of your business and cares about your success as much as you do

> You want the science-backed tangible tools to transforming your mindset

> You want a process to follow that’s designed to get you results

> You bravely lean into transformation when it’s available to you and embrace challenge and learning

> You’re ready to do whatever it takes to create your own life of wealth, personal freedom and limitless success - you need no convincing that this is to be yours



Freedom is my biggest motivator - I suspect it’s probably yours, too!

And I live for impact and adventure.


I’ve dived with great white sharks, bungee jumped three times, flown first class, ridden horses in the Texan outback, skied (badly), and surfed (even more badly)…


Next, my eyes are set on living in Rio for a month and learning to scuba dive in Indonesia.


Come join me in my Facebook group, get to see the behind the scenes on Instagram and be the first to get the latest on my events and offers by joining my mailing list.


I’m thrilled to be supporting you in unlocking your earning potential.


To your limitless success,


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