I help Type-A women coaches and entrepreneurs to create wildly successful, location-independent businesses.


But you already knew that, didn’t you? Because that’s not why you’re here.


You want to know the real stuff. Well, nosey-nellie, lucky for you I’m all about authenticity. So here’s the real story.

I started my business off the back of a serious burn out. Yes, without a plan. 


Yes, because I wanted to have more impact. 


Yes, because I was tired of lining someone else's pockets. 


Sure, you might have heard that part of my story before. But, the bit that makes me different is that I actually started coaching at 19 years old - yes really!


I grew up watching my parents struggle through business ownership. Little 7-year old Rose couldn’t help - but oh.my.gosh she wanted to! 


So what did I do? I made it my mission to truly understand successful entrepreneurship, inside out. 

Having gleaned every ounce of information I could from parents, I started by helping a charity shop owner to cut her costs and drum up customers, whilst I was at university. 


By 23, I was coaching six entrepreneurs in rural Kenya. I spent my days teaching on bookkeeping, creating new ideas and pricing up products for cafes, clothing shops, hairdressers - you name it!


Fast-forward to 24 and I spend two years busting my butt increasing the financial inclusion of women, working as a Strategy Consultant for McKinsey & Co. in London. 


We were literally working out how to make sure more women had bank accounts in places like Tajikistan and Sub-saharan Africa. It was my absolute favourite project.


Then it happened. I burnt out.

I woke up to the realisation that whilst my mission was in alignment with my core values - my lifestyle was not. 


How had I spent years teaching other people how to run an overwhelm-free business… when I was drowning in overwhelm myself? Nuh-huh this could not be my life.


That’s when I decided that I needed to walk my talk. I created my own dream business, using the principles I’d been teaching for years. 


And guess what happened? I replaced my corporate salary in under a year and hit 6-figures before I knew it.


Well, I thought to myself, this shit works!

Today I help other ambitious women to unlock their potential and build their dream business, create more wealth and live with more personal freedom.


I believe that there is limitless success available to you - and yet only 12% of women are earning over $100,000 in annual revenue. 


So, let’s change that. Together.


It’s time for women to stop limiting themselves.


It’s time for women to stop leaving money on the table.


It’s time for women to bust through the glass ceiling in their own minds.

How I can help…


I’ve seen the inside of some incredible companies - now I bring their strategy and your mindset together, to teach you how to create a future of your wildest dreams.


This isn’t all emotional inner work though, it’s knowledge founded in creating 5-year strategy plans, creating firm-wide transformations, saving billions of taxpayer pounds and rubbing shoulders with the big shot CEOs of the world.

I want to help you if you’re…

  • Committed to your own success

  • Able to laugh at yourself as you grow (this entrepreneurship thing isn’t all butterflies and rainbows! You’re gonna need a sense of dark humour too!)

  • Looking for a thought partner to lean on

  • Ready to get big results

  • Up for taking control of your life, wealth, personal freedom and limitless success.

Sound like you? Then we’re going to get along, absolutely fabulously!. 


Oh, and if you’re into lists (which my people totally are…), then here’s my rap-sheet…


In the last 2 years, I’ve:

  • Far surpassed my corporate salary with consistent 5-figure months, including £20-25K months with ease and flow

  • Helped clients creates $8K weeks, $17K and $50K months and more

  • Helped over 100 women (and counting) create online businesses 

  • Landed a TedX talk

  • Paid off £28,000 of debt in under a year

  • Hired a rockstar line-up of a team

  • Joined the Forbes Coaches Council

  • Been featured in US News, Forbes, BossBabe and more!

  • Invested over $100,000 in my personal and professional development

  • Travelled all over the world with my business

  • Been mentored by the best in the online industry so you can benefit too

How to work with me…


Clarity & Clients Bootcamp

Sign your first (or next) 1-5 high-paying clients in 12 weeks or less.


The Freedom Accelerator®

Fully book your high ticket 1:1 and launch your stand-out group program to reach consistent 5-figure months, with me as your guide in this 6-month group mastermind program.


The Inner Circle

Scale to multi-6 & 7 figures in this intimate 12-month container with luxury retreats included as you uplevel in every single way.


1:1 Coaching

Exclusive, high-touch coaching & strategy for 6-figure+ online business owners looking to 3x-5x their current monthly income (yes - really!)

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