If You've Been Dreaming About Consistent $20,000/months As An Online Coach...

DM's To Dream Clients Will Help You Establish YOUR Name As An Expert, Grow Your Audience, And Get More Sales!

(...even if you're just getting started and have a small social following!)

Who is Rose Radford?

Coach To High-Achieving Female Entrepreneurs, TedX Speaker, and Ex-McKinsey Consultant

Working in corporate, I saw how much more my male counterparts were making compared to their women colleagues... and myself!


Seeing the pay-gap hurt—and deep down—I felt responsible to bridge that gap so women with vision could attract and steward money for the greater good of the world.


So... over the last 2 years, I've:

  • Coached my female clients to achieve $10K days and $50K months.

  • Helped over 100 women (and counting!) create online businesses that gave them control of both their finances and time.

  • Landed a TedX talk about how to unlock your mind for financial success.

  • Travelled all over the world with my business, being mentors by the best in the world and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I wouldn't have been able to do any of this if it weren't for the ONE thing I share below...


Once you see what it can do for you... and WHY it's so powerful... you'll never be able to unsee it.


It's my pleasure that you're here right now, in search for answers that may push your career, business, and life forward.


I hope my story inspires you to take action on your dreams and take control of your future.


With love,

Rose Radford

Words From The Women I've Served...

A Letter To A Friend, Who's Been Itching To Grow Her Coaching Business To $20,000/Month

Hey lovely,


Don't be too hard on yourself.


The beginning is... BY FAR... the hardest part.


You're full of doubt and your confidence is low.


Few things are working, if at all.


All you want are more clients and sales!


Because sales are your scoreboard...


They're how you know whether you're winning... or losing.


And when you aren't getting many sales, it just feels like you're losing alll the time.


I know because I've been there... I've been through that struggle, and it's painful.


And when sales droughts persist for too long, they fill you with a crushing sense of self-doubt.


But if I had to go back to day one and do it again... I would do it the right way.


So that I could quickly sign those clients, count those wins, and earn that confidence.


And I would use what I'm about to share with you to do it:


I would use Direct Messages, because...


1. You can begin using them immediately.

2. They cost absolutely nothing to use.


3. And there's no tedious work required to do it.


You have to realize... It's so easy to hide behind to-do lists!


That's the biggest mistake I see beginners make.


But NOT because they don't know what to do...


Most coaches hide behind "To-Do Lists" and other "Busy Work" because that five letter word—"SALES"—is terrifying!


You've probably felt the pain, anxiousness, and FEAR of getting on the phone...


And trying to invite someone to pay you $2,000... $3,000... or $5,000!


ESPECIALLY when you know they're going to object and question your value...


It's incredibly painful to be told "you're not worth it."


And it's my belief that...


Because sales are the one thing every beginner coach needs, but struggles to get... that they fear it so much.


That's another reason why direct messaging is my preferred form of selling.


1. It's just like texting.


2. There's little pressure (if any at all) because...


3. You have time to think and respond!


In fact, you can design the entire process ahead of time, which means you are almost always in complete control.


And when you know what to say and who to speak to, you can literally predict how many future sales you'll make.


Selling through Direct Messages is the easiest, fastest, most simple, AND LEAST INTIMIDATING way to get more sales.


But listen up lovely... There's one more mistake I want you to be aware of...


Too many coaches make the mistake of automating their businesses from the beginning because it's the "cool" thing to do.


But when you automate from day one, you lose touch of the most important thing in the world!


When funnels and tech do your work for you, you lose the emotional feeling and connection that makes us human.


If I've learned anything about how to succeed as a coach... It's that that financial wins come from connecting with others.


Personal, emotional, human connection.


That's why, no matter how big my business gets, I'll never stop using direct messages.


Because it keeps me emotionally in tune with how people feel.


Automation and advertising simply magnifies what you already have.


If you sound and serve like a robot—you will magnify that un-human presence.


But if you sound and serve like a Queen—that love and leadership will be shared with the world.


And to do that, you must start with communication that's personal...


Intimately communicate with your market and build that connection.


If you're unsure how to do this, 'DMs To Dream Clients' will show you.


In your corner,


How Do You Know If "DMs To Dream Clients" Is For You?

  • You Get Very Uncomfortable, Nervous Or Anxious Selling and need a proven process that will do almost all the selling BEFORE the call so that you can effortlessly close your high-ticket offers without struggling to demonstrate your value as a coach.
  • You've Been Struggling To CONSISTENTLY Sell Your High-Ticket Offers and you want to build a sales process that will allow you to develop strong & consistent cash flows, large enough to support your costs of living PLUS some extra to enjoy all your hard work.
  • You're Looking For QUICK Wins so you can build confidence knowing that clients are actually willing to pay top dollar for your services as the expert you are.
  • You're Looking For Something That's PROVEN To Work so you don't have to continue watching days, weeks, and months go by without achieving the goals you originally set for yourself
  • You Think You Need A Big Social Media Following When You Absolutely Don't because the sales process you'll learn about will show you how to connect with clients, even if you have fewer than 1,000 followers!

Here's Everything You'll Get With 'DMs To Dream Clients'

  • "THE $20K STORY SCRIPT" ($197 VALUE): get the word-for-word script that brought in $20,000 of 1:1 coaching sales in a single week, with a small social following.

  • 5 UNIQUE DONE-FOR-YOU DM SCRIPTS ($197 VALUE): this vault of five unique scripts was designed to help you build genuine relationships with your audience AND show you how to get leads to book sales calls—or sell your digital products—straight from a link in your DMs.

  • 4 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO TRAININGS ($197 VALUE): step-by-step guidance on how to create social media posts that trigger people to message YOU first. You'll also learn how to drive specific outcomes such as booking sales calls through the DMs OR selling your other digital products/offers directly from the DMs without getting on the phone to get the sale.

  • 4 INTEREST-GENERATING SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS ($97 VALUE): get these already made, copy & paste social media posts that I've written for my private clients that get clients to message YOU saying they're interested in your offer.

  • BONUS: VIDEO WALK-THROUGH ($97 VALUEshowing you my personal DMs and what I said that made $3,500 in one weekend selling digital products straight from my DMs.

1Get Over $750 Worth of Resources For Just $17 When You Order Today

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*If you're wondering why I'm giving all this for such a low price, here's the truth...


I want to make it incredibly hard for you to pass up on this!


Because I know that... if I can give you hundreds of dollars worth of value for just $17... you'll trust that I'll always give you way more than you asked for.


So when it comes time to share other offers with you, you'll know that you'll always get the better end of the deal :)

Disclaimer: The results listed above are not typical and are the result of proper skills and timing. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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