The Freedom Accelerator®

The 6-month Business Accelerator for Ambitious Coaches, Consultants & Freedom Seekers

Do you want to go from piecemealing your ‘business plan’ to making consistent sales?


Are you done with feeling overlooked whilst everyone around you seems to be visible AF?


Isn’t it time you stopped leaving success on the table and started being known for your premium offers & results?

Imagine... it would feel to be able to find & sell to your people with utter confidence game-changing it would be to sign high ticket clients and take control of your income awesome would it be to choose how you make 6-figures?

...what would it feel like to package up your expertise into irresistible, sold-out offers that sell like gangbusters?

If you’re really honest about it, you crave FREEDOM...

And I’m not just talking freedom of how you spend your time.

I’m talking about creative freedom, to build your business and life from a place of joy, rather than hustle and confusion.

Freedom from your limiting thoughts and fears holding you back from being your most powerful self

Freedom to spend your day doing the things you love most - making an impact, spending time with family and learning and growing.

And of course financial freedom, because you finally know exactly what to do to hit your income goals.


THAT is my definition of freedom.

And I suspect your definition is pretty similar.

Thing is… you’re a high achiever so you don’t want to just ‘get by’... especially when you know you are made for so much more. 


The problem? You’re too hard on yourself and you’re totally overthinking finding the right guidance, aren't you?


You’re taking advice from all the wrong sources and wondering why ‘this sh*t ain’t working’...


You’re utterly baffled by how many strategies there are available, but you’re not sure who to trust and ask for support from... 

NEWSFLASH: Ambitious lady, it does not have to be this hard


Does your ‘uphill struggle’ look a little bit like this...

  • Not 100% sure on your core offer… and not 100% sure how to make it irresistible to your dream clients

  • You’re educated as heck, but feeling like you don’t have that ‘online business strategy’ on lock.

  • Able to hold your own in the boardroom, but IG stories? They give your inner perfectionist the creeps...

“Ummm Rose, where’s the hidden camera? How did you know?”


Guess what? I’ve been there, done that and got the ‘I’ve burnt out’ t-shirt that I wore for a solid two months. Trust me, it wasn’t cute.


By nailing my online business strategy, finding my niche and working on my success mindset, I replaced my generous corporate salary in my first year in business.


I went from making someone else millions to earning over 6-figures under my own steam and with complete FREEDOM. 


How? Through the 4 Key Principles I coach my clients through today… The MAPS Method™

If you’re ready to say HELLO to choice and WELCOME HOME to freedom… then allow me to introduce...

6-months to become the CEO of success and freedom on your terms...

The MAPS Method


By working on your blocks and building CEO-level self belief, I and my team will help you to train your mindset for success #goodvibesonly


Find and grow your audience, consistently book out your sales call calendar, and create a high-converting funnel that brings in leads on autopilot! 


Create a killer offer that’s a no-brainer for your niche and gives you the freedom to quit working time-for-money, for good!


Learn to sell with ease on the phone, on webinars, with launches, in the DMs and EVERYWHERE! #closer 

You Will Receive:

Personal Strategy Coaching

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions With Rose

Online Training Platform

Monthly Guest Experts

Rockstar Coaching Team

Facebook Group Community

Want a sneak peek into what it's like inside? ;)

If you're ready to choose FREEDOM & SUCCESS over piece-mealing your 'business plan' and just dreaming about 6-figures...

Your Investment In You

One-Time Payment

GBP £4,997

Single Payment

6 Monthly Instalments

GBP £997

Per Month

I cannot wait to personally lead you over the next 6 months…

I created The Freedom Accelerator® because I know the joy, freedom and fun of creating an online business that impacts lives and fuels your lifestyle goals.


It’s time to ditch the ‘hustle’ mindset and start investing in your future. These online businesses are freakin' exponential once they start moving and I cannot wait to show you how!


Sure, you can go it alone - but I want to share my successes and stumbling blocks with you, so you can accelerate your way to success stories like these…

  • Consistent 5 figure+ months, including £20-25K months with ease and flow

  • Helping clients creates $8K weeks, $17K and $50K months and more

  • Helping over 100 women (and counting) create online businesses 

  • Landing a TedX talk

  • Paying off £28,000 of debt in under a year

  • Hiring a rockstar line-up of a team

  • Joining the Forbes Coaches Council

  • Being featured in US News, Forbes, BossBabe and more!

  • Investing over $100,000 in my personal and professional development

  • Travelling all over the world with my business

  • Being mentored by the best in the online industry so you can benefit too.

If I can achieve those things... why can't you?


Should you choose to accept my invitation, these next 6 months will be transformational for you.

The Freedom Accelerator® is for you if you're...

  • You’re an ambitious female coach with genuine expertise

  • You’ve been in business for less than 2 years, but you’re not operating at your full potential

  • You want to make at least what you made in your old career

  • You’re craving the freedom an online business promises you

  • You know you’ve got real expertise, but you’re not sure how to take it online

  • You’re ready to marry your mindset and business strategy together

Client Success

Because that's what matters right?

"Working with Rose has been absolutely transformational... I didn't know what to expect when jumping into our first call, but I'm so incredibly glad I took the time to hear about her work.


2019 was a transformative year, both in my relationship to money and finance, and my career. With Rose's help I see money in a whole new light.


And my income has grown by 125%. I'm closing in on another major financial goal in early 2020 and I know I wouldn't be here without Rose."


Jill, USA. Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Your Results

Ok, so you’ve read the testimonials, you’ve seen what’s inside and you know this is the place you need to be.


But I know you… you’re a KPI driven, results-orientated kind of lady! So let me tell you about where you get to be in 6-months time…

  • You’ll no longer be scrambling to make your online business just-about-work. You’ll be scaling your income and your impact.

  • You won’t be cringing when you do your monthly accounts. No, no. You’ll be watching the consistent turnover rise and you’ll know your moves to make 10k+ months a reality!

  • Know how to get visible and make yourself the go-to in your niche, so you stop “chasing” clients and start attracting them instead (you know, the way you’d envisaged your business being at the beginning...!)

  • You’ll quit shying away from getting your face online and you'll be creating killer personal brand content that attracts your dream clients on-the-daily. 

  • You’ll have a ‘sky’s the limit’ outlook and a bulletproof belief in your inevitable success.


How do I know this is right for me?

How much time does the program require?

Why should I invest in myself right now?

How does enrolment work? / When does the program run?

What is I can't make all the calls?

Is there a money back guarantee?

What stage are the other women at? Will I be behind?

What do I need to do to get started?

Ok lady. Lean in and listen up.


You have tried the courses. You’ve downloaded the PDF guides. Hell, you might have even dipped your toe into getting coaching and invested in group programs already.


But you’re ready for that next level upgrade, are you?


Coasting is NOT your colour and you know it’s time to step up for yourself. You’ve already tried doing it alone… so let’s try it my way. 


Let’s try getting personalised feedback, expertise from an experienced coach (and her amazing support team!) and the shortcuts you need to accelerate your results in the way you deserve.


I am not a ‘love you and leave you’ kind of coach. I’m a hold-your-hand-proof-everything-you-do-and-call-you-out-on-your-bs kind of coach. 


And my first piece of advice? TRUST YOURSELF.


Stop holding yourself back by saying ‘it’s not the right time’ or ‘I can’t invest in myself right now’. 


Trust yourself. Trust the process. Trust the intuition that called you to this page. 


I have a solution that will help you get where you want to do faster.


So why not join me and we can do this together?

Are you ready to step up, put in the work and commit to creating your next level of success?

One-Time Payment

GBP £4,997

Single Payment

6 Monthly Instalments

GBP £997

Per Month

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