Calling All Ambitious Female

Coaches & Consultants

Learn How To Unlock Your Income Potential

Inside The 6-Month Business Accelerator Designed To Skyrocket Your Success

Are you…

  • An expert in something but struggling to package your expertise into irresistible offers and sell them with confidence?
  • Feeling overlooked in your industry and unclear about how to get visible and stand out?
  • Done with feeling like you’re leaving your success on the table, trading time for money and spinning your wheels?

You’ve got all the ingredients for success (the impressive background, the work ethic, the desire to help people...) but you Just.Can’t.Seem.To.Make.It.Happen 


And you know you’re meant for so much more, you just don’t know the right steps to take?

Then you landed in the right place today.

Because it doesn't have to be this way...


And you sure as day follows night don’t want to figure it all out on your own. 

(Honestly, who has the time?)


What if you could...


🥂 Stop just getting by in your online business and actually begin to soar


🥂 Have certainty and ease knowing that clients come to you every single month and you can trust your business to support you (...AND your desires for that new wardrobe or house!)


🥂 Have the freedom to run your profitable business from anywhere in the world (Rio, anyone?)


🥂 Be the CEO of your own time for a change and create your own schedule based on the things most important to you


This doesn't have to be a pipe dream any longer.

You’re ready to put in the work too. You know it’s going to come with its own set of challenges, but you’re ready for them! 


Because I know you’re not going to settle for anything less than what you want.

And I’m going to help you get it ....FASTER.


The Elite 12% Business Accelerator


A 6 month group program for female coaches & consultants ready to raise their game so they can catapult into the Top 12% of women making 6-figures & beyond


If you’re tired of working so hard and you’re ready for a new way of doing life and business, this is for you! 

Client Success

Because that's what matters right?


I care (a hella lot) about helping female entrepreneurs like you succeed, because I know how painful it is to feel stuck, knowing you’re made for so much more, but not knowing how to get there.


Which is why the results my clients create are the most important thing to me…

The things that really set the Elite 12% Business Accelerator apart...


🌟 We focus on mastering the skills to set you up for a lifetime of success with your CEO mindset, marketing and sales.


I teach you to fish, I don’t give you the fish 🐠 ...okay sometimes I give you the fish a little bit too 😆


🌟 We cover both MINDSET (self belief, money blocks, etc.) and STRATEGY (content marketing, funnels, sales, visibility, launching) inside the program


So you’re not left with just HALF the picture. You need BOTH to grow a business.


🌟 You get proven templates, swipe files and examples for your content, DM and webinar scripts, landing pages and email sequences… you can implement FASTER and with bigger results (we remove a lot of the guessing!)


🌟 The level of support you get is INSANE considering it’s a group setting. No other program delivers the same level of personal attention and training (and especially not at this price!) 


In fact, here’s a sneak peak into what it’s like to be inside the program...

Want to know what it's like inside?

By the end of this program, you’ll:

  • Know exactly how to turn what's in your head into money in the bank by creating unique offers and programs that serve and sell, so you can stop trading time for money and scale your income and impact

  • Have a simple and effective strategy for attracting and signing dream high-ticket clients with ease - one that’s automated can continually evolve with your business as you grow 

  • Know how to get visible and make yourself the go-to in your niche, so you stop “chasing” clients and start attracting them instead (you know, the way you’d envisaged your business being at the beginning...!)

  • Have a clear roadmap to 10K months and 100K+ years so you know what to focus on when and how to build sustainable success …so you’re still here in 5 and 10 years time

  • Have broken free from negative thought patterns and beliefs, created bulletproof self belief, be seen for how truly brilliant you are and feel unstoppable within yourself and your business, knowing the sky’s the limit and that you, yes you, get to play at the TOP

The Five Pillars Of The 6-Month Elite 12% Program


The most successful entrepreneurs attribute their success to mindset: self belief, clarity, confidence and a great relationship with money. Without a bulletproof mindset, your business is built on fragile foundations. Your Inner Wealth Work® is key.


Turn your skills, talent and ideas into a signature system and valuable offers that people love to buy.


Create a client journey that’s simple, value-driven and priced with integrity and profit in mind.


Show up with confidence and create a buying audience who values your work, get your message out to the world to create an impact, and attract clients that both light you up and get the best results.


Sales are the lifeblood of your business. And you may have sold other stuff in your life, but you know selling yourself is whole other ball game...!

Let’s make your sales fun, easy and in complete service to both you and your clients.


Being good at what you do is no longer enough. If you want to attract clients and opportunities you must stand out and be recognised. You are who the Internet says you are, so let’s make sure the first page of Google has your back!

You Will Receive:

Personal Coaching with Rose

Weekly Group Mastermind Sessions

Online Training Platform

Monthly Guest Experts

Facebook Group Community

Ready to create FREEDOM & SUCCESS in this transformative 6-Month container?

Your Investment In You

One-Time Payment

GBP £4,997

Single Payment

6 Monthly Instalments

GBP £997

Per Month

I cannot wait to personally lead you over the next 6 months…

What I teach inside this program has literally transformed my life. 


I’ve experienced what it’s like to move from a highly demanding corporate career, to create a location-independent 6-figure coaching business doing meaningful work I love with total rockstar clients.


I'm excited to share that with you today.


You owe it to yourself to at least take a plunge to see what your life as an online coach looks like.


To experience the time, location and financial freedom that it provides - and to take help change the lives of others all over the world.


When it comes to creating success, I’m committed to walking my talk, which is why in the last 18 months I’ve:

  • Hit consistent 5-figure months
  • Landed a Tedx talk
  • Run workshops for entrepreneurs across London
  • Paid off £28,000 of debt in less than 12 months
  • Hired rockstar team members 
  • Joined the Forbes Coaches Council
  • Been featured in US News, Forbes, BossBabe and more
  • Invested over $70,000 in my personal and professional development 
  • Travelled across the world to be mentored by the best in the industry

Should you choose to accept my invitation, these next 6 months will be transformational for you.


To your success,

The Elite 12% is for you if you're...

  • A female consultant or coach who’s great at what you do
  • Open to new ways of doing things and are willing to implement with 100% commitment
  • Prepared to invest resources into your success, show up and put in the work
  • Smart, brave and "excuse" is not in your vocabulary

The Elite 12% is NOT for you if you...

  • Are struggling financially - the program is a commitment for business owners ready to get big results
  • Are not willing to do things outside of your comfort zone, build success habits and create a great work ethic
  • Prefer excuses instead of being resourceful and taking action towards your goal

More Client Successes

"Working with Rose has been absolutely transformational... I didn't know what to expect when jumping into our first call, but I'm so incredibly glad I took the time to hear about her work.


2019 was a transformative year, both in my relationship to money and finance, and my career. With Rose's help I see money in a whole new light.


And my income has grown by 125%. I'm closing in on another major financial goal in early 2020 and I know I wouldn't be here without Rose."


Jill, USA. Social Media & Marketing Consultant


What's the return on my investment?

How much time does the program require?

What stage are the other women at? Will I be behind?

Is there a money back guarantee?

One-Time Payment

GBP £4,997

Single Payment

6 Monthly Instalments

GBP £997

Per Month

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