10 Week Group Coaching Program

Starts October 23rd



Does this sound familiar?


You’re excited about helping people with your expertise, except you have no clue how to get in front of potential clients in the world of online business 😬


You know you need to be taking action to sign clients, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options.


Should you build a website? Maybe start a Facebook group. Or, maybe you need a funnel? #allthethings 


You’ve bought the pricey-but-pretty new notebook, invested in the $29/month software and created the Instagram account (hopefully you're over the fear of friends and colleagues finding it 😉)


You know you should be creating content to build an audience of buyers... but producing content that actually makes people want to book a sales call seems like a mystical dark art 👻

You’re procrasta-learning by watching all the free webinars and it feels like you’re always onto a new strategy to get your business off the ground... except you don’t know what’s actually going to work for YOU #frustrating


Don’t worry, I’ve got you...


(And no, you don’t need Facebook Ads!! 🤦🏻‍♀️)



What if you could...


🥂  Attract and sign dreamy clients in your business consistently (waitlist, anyone?)


🥂  Build a bridge between your fears and being able to say “I can do this!” with fist-pump worthy excitement


🥂  Celebrate your success by having the freedom to create your own schedule and get lunch with friends on a random Tuesday #justbecause 


🥂  Finally do work that’s actually meaningful and makes an impact that matters


🥂  Travel the world and take your business with you (P.S. This is my favourite way to work ;) 


🥂  Leave the soulless job or contract work that no longer lights you up and go ALL in on your dream business


All of this is so, so available to you. How do I know? 


Because this is my reality right now.

And if I can do it, then so can YOU!


Let me show you how...


A comprehensive 10 week course where you’ll learn the proven 5C Method to nailing your messaging & valuable offer, connecting with people ready to buy and signing your first (or next) 5 clients with ease.


What makes the Clarity & Clients Bootcamp different?

More Client Results

...ready to be next?

"I've signed two high level clients, got loads of guest appearances on Facebook groups and podcasts and even landed a radio interview as a mindset expert"

"I finally narrowed down who I want to work with... and I got my first high ticket sale"

"In just week 3 of 10, I've already signed my first paying client on to a 90-day program. I'm thrilled to bits!"

"I now have a very well established brand...I am so confident in my brand and mission.
I now have 11 sales calls in the diary!"

"There's just no amount of free webinars that are going to give you this level of detail & experience, which saves you so much time"

Clarity & Clients Bootcamp was previously named Clarity, Clients & Sales. Same program, same awesomeness, slightly different name.

Inside the Clarity & Clients Bootcamp you’ll learn my proven

and timeless 5C Method to sign your first (or next) 5 clients as a coach

  • Clarity

    Without stand-out clarity on what exactly you do, who you do it for, how you do it and what offer you’re selling, most coaches and consultants get lost in the sea of other coaches and struggle to stand out. That’s not going to be you!

  • Credibility

    Identifying your credibility factors, boldly showing up with confidence and dropping the imposter syndrome are key to being able to stand out in your market. You must know how to translate your experience & expertise into a credible online presence so you can get in front of clients that trust you! And by the way, you have far more credibility than you think!

  • Content

    Without getting visible online and building your email list, your people won’t be able to find you and you won’t be generating consistent leads. Creating content that converts followers to clients and using crazy-effective strategies to build your email list means you’re visible in all the right ways and building an audience of future clients.

  • Conversations

    To launch a new offer and make sales, you must know how to find your ideal client, show up with credibility and communicate with them personally (without the sleazy salesman vibes)... so you can book sales calls consistently with ease.

    Most people get this so wrong, but you won’t be one of them!

  • Conversion

    Finally, you must know how to lead your clients in sales calls to take empowered action, so they choose to invest in themselves and you can finally make those sales. The transformation is on the other side of the transaction and knowing how to make sales in your business is critical to your success.

    Every week, you'll receive fresh new training modules including video training and course materials within your online members area.


    Here's what we'll cover each week...

    Week 1: Clarity

    Week 2: Clarity

    Week 3: Credibility

    Week 4: Credibility

    Week 5: Content

    Week 6: Content

    Week 7: Implementation Week

    Week 8: Conversations

    Week 9: Leading Conversations to Conversion

    Week 10: Conversion & Celebrations!

    You Will Recieve

    • Lifetime Access - Value £2000

      Lifetime access to your learning portal full of resources & trainings (including video training, workbooks, tutorials, swipe files and examples), so you can revisit the content and use it long after the program

    • Q&A Access To Me - Value £6000

      Weekly Q&A calls to answer your questions and help you implement what you’re learning. I'll be helping you personally during the calls so you can get support for where you're at right now. 

    • Accountability - Value £500

      Weekly accountability so you stay on track with your goals. Unlike other programs that let you disappear half way and not get results, you'll be held accountable to the very end so you always make progress every week!

      • Exclusive Community - Value £1000

        A group community space to share your questions and wins - you're in this together! You'll be able to leverage the group's knowledge and feedback to accelerate your progress even more.

      • Knowing exactly what to do to sign clients in your business - PRICELESS!

      Total: £9500


      • PAY IN FULL Bonus 1: Value £1000+

        Exclusive Group Coaching Call: Create A High Earner Mindset

        Join my LIVE 1-hour sessions that shows you how to create an abundance mindset, think like a top earner in your industry and create success from the inside out. If you want to know the internal shifts that helped me go from 2K to 20K months and beyond in a matter of months, this is it!


        [Available when you Pay-In-Full]

      • FAST-ACTION Bonus 2: Value £1000+

        Workshop Intensive: Turn What’s In Your Head Into Money In The Bank With A Signature System

        In this super practical LIVE 1-hour workshop, I'll take you through exactly how to turn your experience into a signature system that gets client results in your unique way. If you want to write books, land speaking gigs and really stand out in your niche, you need a signature system!


        [Available when you sign up in the first 24 hours]

      • INSANE Bonus 3: Value £1000+

        High-Converting Landing Page Templates (These convert at DOUBLE the industry standard!)

        Grab my plug-and-play funnel pages that convert at 60-70% (vs the 30% industry standard!) and have clients flow towards you automatically ...hello waking up to sales calls in your diary!

      • RIDICULOUS Bonus 4: Value £500+

        Sales Call Email Template (That Landed My Client 11 Sales Calls In 24 Hours From A 500 Email List!!)

        I'm sharing the exact email that landed my client 11 sales calls from her small list! You can use this email again and again whenever you want more calls in your calendar!

      • TOTALLY NUTS Bonus 5: Value £500+

        DM Scripts To Land Sales Calls & Clients (Know exactly what to say in the DMs to turn lurkers into clients!) 

        Get my exact step-by-step social media message template (and scripts adapted to different niches!) to use with brand new followers. If you're not converting followers into sales calls, you're leaving money on the table! But that's not going to be you with this proven template!

      Total: £4000

      TOTAL VALUE: £13,500+

      Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

      Three Monthly Payments of




      Paid in Full




      I personally cannot wait to lead you over the next 10 weeks

      What I teach inside this program has literally transformed my life. 


      I’ve experienced moving from an incredibly demanding corporate career, to creating a location-independent 6-figure coaching business doing meaningful work I love with total rockstar clients.


      More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.


      If you’re an aspiring coach, consultant or expert of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take a plunge to see what your life as an online business owner looks like.


      To experience the time, location and financial freedom that it provides - and to take real, tangible steps to transforming the lives of others all over the world.


      When it comes to creating success, I’m committed to walking my talk, which is why in the last 18 months I’ve:

      • Hit consistent 5-figure months

      • Landed a Tedx talk

      • Run workshops for entrepreneurs across London

      • Paid off £28,000 of debt in less than 12 months

      • Hired rockstar team members 

      • Joined the Forbes Coaches Council

      • Been featured in US News, Forbes, BossBabe and more

      • Invested over $70,000 in my personal and professional development 

      • Travelled across the world to be mentored by the best in the industry


      Should you choose to accept my invitation, these next 10 weeks will be transformational for you.


      I can’t wait to meet you personally inside the Clarity & Clients Bootcamp


      To your success,


      Rose x

      Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

      Three Monthly Payments of




      Paid in Full




      You belong inside the Clarity & Clients Bootcamp if: 


      • You’re a female coach or consultant ready to step up your game
      • You’re prepared to invest in yourself & in your future success
      • You’re committed to showing up, meeting me halfway & doing the work
      • You want clear, tangible steps from a mentor who’s been where you are & can shine light on the way forward

      This program is NOT for you if: 



      • You’d rather stay in your procrastination
      • You’re still “just exploring” the idea of having a business - you get results when you go all in!
      • You’re not ready to do something different to create a different reality for yourself
      • You prefer excuses instead of accessing your resourcefulness

      Client Results

      ...because that's what matters right?

      * Clarity & Clients Bootcamp was previously named Clarity, Clients & Sales. Same program, same awesomeness, slightly different name.

      Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

      Three Monthly Payments of




      Paid in Full





      What types of coaches is this course for?

      Can I just take this next time?

      What results will I get?

      Can’t I just figure this all out on my own?

      Do you offer refunds?

      Why is it priced at the amount it is?

      Will you teach me how to run a successful sales call?

      How much time is this going to take out of my week / add to my schedule?

      I suck at tech! Does this program cover the tech side of things?

      How does the course work?

      When will the Q&A calls take place?

      What if I can't make the Q&A calls?

      How long will I have access to the Members Area for?

      I have more questions!

      REAL TALK...


      You're here for a reason.


      You wouldn't have scrolled this far if what lies on this page is something you know deep down will truly help you.


      The truth is, what you're doing right now isn't working.


      And to continue doing the same things to grow your business while expecting a different result is... insanity.


      Maybe you're doubting if you can do it.

      Maybe you're worried about investing in yourself again.


      Or maybe there's another reason that voice in your head is saying why you shouldn't join me and the other incredible women in this program.


      Either way, there's a point at which we must take the leap... or risk losing the vision.


      That's my loving invitation to you today. 


      You take the leap. And I promise to guide you as you learn to fly over the next 10 weeks.


      I truly love this program to bits. As one of its former students said "it's magic".


      And I can't wait for you to have a piece of that magic in your life too <3 

      Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

      Three Monthly Payments of




      Paid in Full