If You're An Ambitious Coach Who Wants To FAST TRACK Your Way To A Fully Booked & Abundant Coaching Business:

'Clarity & Clients Bootcamp' Will Help You Sign Your Next 3-5 High-Ticket Clients In 90 Days Or Less

Before discovering how you can succeed — let's first understand why 95% of coaches struggle 



1. IMMENSE COMPETITION: there are tens of thousands of coaches just like you, all preaching the same thing. And every day, many more enter the market. How in the world do you stand out?


2. CAN'T FIND CLIENTS: "where do I find clients?!" I hear it and see it all the time. No matter what they do, most coaches can't seem to find the audience they want to serve (or even worse, they might not even know who they want to serve).


3. TIME SPENT ON THE WRONG TASKS + LACK OF TIME: imagine trying to manage a 9-5 while building a business from the ground up... Or maybe even raise a child while trying to build a business. Lack of time kills so many dreams because most coaches don't know what to focus on in order to attract clients and generate more revenue.


4. VAGUE MESSAGING: a symptom of lacking clarity with WHO you're serving and WHAT your offer is. A confused mind always says no, and if you're confused, so is your audience. 


5. LACK OF SELF-CONFIDENCE & BELIEF: with hundreds of different moving parts and with so many things that can potentially go wrong—the intimidation of running a business can often be crushing. "Can I really do this?" 

* Clarity & Clients Bootcamp was previously named Clarity, Clients & Sales. Same program, same awesomeness, slightly different name.

What You'll Learn Inside The Bootcamp


- The "Trifecta of Ideal Clients" to show you how to attract and convert clients that fuel you with positive, uplifting energy.


- The "Premium Client Mentality" Method to help you REPEL clients that will drive you insane because they blame you for their failures (they take no responsibility). Instead, you'll learn exactly how to speak to dreamy clients ready to invest in themselves.


- The "Income Generating Success System" to show you how to make a busy schedule and little time your greatest advantage (especially if you're a busy mother or working a 9-5 while building your business).


- The "Inner Wealth Activation" System to help you create an offer that stands out among the red ocean of competition by highlighting your unique experiences and expertise.


- The "9 Credibility Factors" Approach to help you confidently position yourself away from the crowded space of coaches by tapping into what makes you uniquely brilliant


- The "Conversion Content" Secret to share your message with the audience you want to serve and get them to ask YOU for your help (instead of asking them to buy your stuff).


- How To Leverage "OPAs", which allow you to leverage the trust, credibility, and audiences built by OTHER coaches in your space to your own advantage. Collaboration over competition is the aim of the game here.


- "Making Your Face Your Fortune" - yeah girl, your smile is worth more than you know and I'm going show you how...

Why Now?


Because making a big life decision causes discomfort—but regret is worse.


My goal is to show you exactly how to get 3-5 high-ticket clients in the next 12-weeks... step-by-step.


Dozens before you with zero experience have done it—and dozens after you will continue to do it too.


While taking a leap of faith on yourself may seem scary, fast forward 2-3 years and imagine being in the same spot... That feeling of frustration and unrealised dreams will likely feel much worse.


Just ONE new client will more than pay for this program... Get all 5 (or more if you're one of the ambitious few) and you'll have multiplied your investment ten times over...


The Clarity & Clients Bootcamp used to include live calls...you get access to a vault of these recordings with your membership! This is priceless!

"I've signed two high level clients, got loads of guest appearances on Facebook groups and podcasts and even landed a radio interview as a mindset expert"

"I finally narrowed down who I want to work with... and I got my first high ticket sale"

"In just week 3, I've already signed my first paying client on to a 90-day program. I'm thrilled to bits!"

"There's just no amount of free webinars that are going to give you this level of detail & experience, which saves you so much time"

"I finally signed my first high ticket clients!"

"The group calls made all the difference ...to be able to ask questions was huge"

"I now have a very well established brand...I am so confident in my brand and mission. I now have 11 sales calls in the diary!"

Chloe went on to sign 5 clients in one weekend and fully booked her life coaching business

"We've had a 3k week...and that's just blown our minds!"

Most Asked Questions I Get About This Program

Have you helped people in my specific niche?

Most likely, YES! I've helped clients succeed in over 25 different niches. From fertility and parenting coaching to career and business coaching. If you have specific questions about your exact niche, use the messenger tool to message me or drop me a note on Instagram at @iamroseradford :)


Will I have to use Facebook Ads?

NO! I've got a proven process that has helped me (and dozens of my clients) sign high ticket clients and build a successful business without spending on Ads.


Do you only work with British people?

While I love my fellow Brits, my clients are typically split 50:50 between the UK and the US (with a few others in Canada and Europe). The one area that I focus on the most is helping women—because it's always been my mission to bridge the pay gap between men and women so we can steward our income for the greater good of the world.


How many hours a week will this take?

To get the results I guarantee, expect to spend 1-3 hours a day working on your business. While there are educational modules/information to learn, most of what I teach focuses on implementation so we can quickly get you some results. To help you speed up every step of your journey, I will provide you with templates and pre-made resources so that all you have to do is take action (all the heavy lifting is already done for you!).


Why is this so affordable?

To be honest, the reason I charge so little for this program is because I know I have a high certainty of getting you the results you're looking for. With those results (and new added income), my goal is to continue to work with you by inviting you to my more exclusive "Accelerator" program, which will help you take your business to consistent $20k+ months. I look at it as an easy way to build trust and demonstrate to you my ability to help you succeed as a coach and build a badass business.


What if I don't get results?

Well, I guess you're doomed then... ;)


Not actually! I'd be surprised if you didn't sign at least one client within the first 12 weeks of working through the content but you have lifetime access to the course. Put your best food forward and you will win.


I've been in other programs and didn't get results, how is this different?

If you've been struggling to get results, how will YOU be different going into this program? Dozens of women before you have got excellent results—and dozens of women after you will continue to get great results. But if you're one who's not willing to take responsibility, then this probably isn't for you. 


More Client Wins

(Because that's what matters most right...?!)

Time To Dive Into The Specifics...

Here's Everything You'll Get Inside The Program


I will show you how to get clear on who your ideal client is, what problem you help them solve and how to clarify that allusive "I help..." statement - without sounding like another cliched coach ;)


You’ll create your stand out offer and clearly communicate the value so it's a "Heck Yes!" for your clients. 


Most coaches get lost in the sea of other coaches and struggle to stand out. That’s not going to be you!


(P.S. I’ve had clients sign their first clients just by doing what I teach in this step alone!)


Get ready for a massive confidence boost because I'm going to help you identify what makes you credible within your niche (Spoiler Alert: You’re FAR more credible than you realise!)


You’ll ditch imposter syndrome and build an online presence that shows off your brilliance, so you become the no-brainer choice for your clients.


You'll learn a technique for getting in front of the RIGHT ready-to-buy clients even if you have ZERO audience right now. I sign at least one new client every time I do this - and so do my clients!


(P.S., I haven't seen anybody else teaching this strategy!)


I will show you how to create a visibility and content strategy to grow your audience, so you know exactly what to post online to create that “Know, Like & Trust” factor.


You’ll learn how to turn content into clients and how to use video to get visible (Did I mention I share video sales scripts with you too? ;)


I'll also show you how to grow your email list quickly so you always have an audience of potential future clients. You’ll grab my email sequence swipe files to turn freebie hunters into raving fans and clients.


(P.S. These templates alone will save you hours of time!)


I will teach you how to do an organic launch and use multiple ways to find leads in your niche, so you can fully book your client roster.


You’ll learn how to have non-spammy, authentic conversations with your potential clients and how to leverage social media to easily find and connect with relevant people, so you always have new sales calls coming into your calendar. 


You’ll discover & define EXACTLY what income-generating activities you love to do on a daily basis to build momentum & sign clients.


(P.S. I regularly sign high ticket clients using what I teach here. Just 3 hours of implementing has led to $5K sales!)


I will show you how to lead successful sales conversations that convert, allowing potential clients to say YES easier and faster.


You'll also learn how to handle objections so you can lead people to take empowered action for themselves by investing with you.


The transformation is on the other side of the transaction and knowing how to make sales in your business is the most empowering feeling!



In Addition, You'll Also Get An Entire Suite of Templates, Done-For-You Material, And Copy & Paste Resources To Help You FAST TRACK Your Ability To Get Results


PLUS, an Archive of Recorded Live Group Coaching Calls!

But WAIT... Because That's Not All:

  • LIVE Q&A Recordings - Value $6000

    You'll receive WEEKS of recorded live zoom calls where previous program members' questions are answered and they are coached live. You can access and watch these as much as you want. There won't be a question or situation you have that isn't covered in these calls! Use these valuable hours to your advantage to really get ahead!

  • Lifetime Access - Value $2000

    Lifetime access to your learning portal full of resources & trainings (including video training, workbooks, tutorials, swipe files and examples), so you can revisit the content and use it long after the program - including all future upgrades!

  • Exclusive Community - Value $2000

    A group community space to share your questions and wins - you're in this together! You'll be able to leverage the group's knowledge and feedback to accelerate your progress even more.

  • Knowing exactly what to do to sign clients in your business - PRICELESS!

Total Value: $10,000

Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

Two Monthly Payments of



Paid in Full



I cannot wait to lead you!


What I teach inside this program has literally transformed my life. 


I’ve experienced moving from an incredibly demanding corporate career, to creating a location-independent multi-6-figure coaching business doing meaningful work I love with total rockstar clients.


Which is exactly what you're manifesting for yourself right now, right?


If you’re an aspiring coach, consultant or expert of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take a plunge to see what your life as an online business owner looks like.


To experience the time, location and financial freedom that it provides - and to take real, tangible steps to transforming the lives of others all over the world.


When it comes to creating success, I’m committed to walking my talk, which is why in the last 2 years I’ve:

  • Hit consistent 5-figure months, including $100K-200K months with ease & flow

  • Helped clients create $8K weeks, $17K and $50K months and more

  • Helped over 100 women (and counting) create online businesses 

  • Landed a Tedx talk

  • Been featured in US News, Forbes, Yahoo, BossBabe and more

  • Invested over $100,000 in my personal and professional development 

  • Travelled across the world to be mentored by the best in the industry

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe you’re reading this right now because diving into Clarity + Clients is exactly what you need to move forward on your dreams.


If I’m right, then I can’t wait to see what you create for yourself through the Clarity & Clients Bootcamp


To your success,


Rose x

Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

Two Monthly Payments of



Paid in Full



What makes the Clarity & Clients Bootcamp different?


When does this program start?

What types of coaches is this course for?

Do I have to spend money on Ads?

What is the support like inside the program?

What results will I get?

This is entirely up to you. I can’t guarantee results because I can’t be inside your brain all day every day helping you make decisions and take action.

But what I CAN promise is that you’ll get everything you need to sign your first or next 3-5 high paying clients as an online coach. 

Can’t I just figure this all out on my own?

Do you offer refunds?

Why is it priced at the amount it is?

The value of this program is WAY beyond the price and includes insight and strategies I’ve learnt from nearly 3 years of running an online business and investing well over $100,000 (and counting!) in my own mentorship, coaching and learning. 


Most importantly, the cost of NOT signing up is far greater than the price. Figuring it all out on your own isn’t fruitful (or fun) #beenthere


Ultimately, how many clients would you need to sign in 12 weeks to make your money back? I bet it’s not even one! If that’s not a return on your investment, I don’t know what is!

Will you teach me how to run a successful sales call?

How much time is this going to take out of my week / add to my schedule?

I suck at tech! Does this program cover the tech side of things?

Yes we do! You'll get detailed tech tutorials to help you navigate those "WTF do I click now?!" moments and get you set up, automated and beautifully streamlined in just a couple of hours. Mastering the tech in your business is your ticket to time freedom and I that's what you're here for.

How does the program work?

You will gain access all the training content immediately. You can either go through the training step by step (recommended), or find the pieces you need right now. You'll have lifetime access to the content (and all it's upgrades!) plus an archive of recorded, live group coaching calls to get answers and insights from previous members!


Let’s be honest, without Clarity & Clients Bootcamp holding you accountable… you’d probably procrastinate just a little longer - right? The transformation begins as soon as you enrol. That’s the magic of momentum ;)

How long will I have access to the Members Area for?

I want to do this but I'm scared...

I was scared too! I lacked confidence and self belief ...and the self doubt would keep me stuck for weeks at time! 


But I broke out of it by taking action, learning from others and implementing. Confidence and clarity comes from ACTION. And that's what I'm inviting you to do here.... to say YES to yourself, to step up and leave your self doubt behind.

I have more questions!

We've got more answers! Drop me a message on Instagram at @iamroseradford or email us with your questions at info@roseradford.com



You're here for a reason.


You wouldn't have scrolled this far if what lies on this page is something you know deep down will truly help you.


The truth is, what you're doing right now isn't working.


And to continue doing the same things to grow your business while expecting a different result is... insanity.


Maybe you're doubting if you can do it.

Maybe you're worried about investing in yourself again.


Or maybe there's another reason that voice in your head is saying why you shouldn't join me and the other incredible women in this program.


Either way, there's a point at which we must take the leap... or risk losing the vision.


That's my loving invitation to you today. 


You take the leap. And I promise to guide you as you learn to fly over the next 12 weeks.


I truly love this program to bits. As one of its former students said "it's magic".


And I can't wait for you to have a piece of that magic in your life too <3 


Trust yourself, you know what to do...

Enroll today for a limited-time investment of only...

Two Monthly Payments of



Paid in Full